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Rosemary Gong is available for speaking engagements featuring various Chinese American celebrations and cultural subjects.

Since the launch of Good Luck Life, Rosemary has appeared on several television and radio broadcasts such as Bay Area People, KRON-4 Weekend Day Break, KTVU-Channel 2 News, WAMU-NPR Washington D.C., WHYY-Philadelphia, Bloomberg News, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), and Voice of America. She has addressed organizations that include the Commonwealth Club of California, Academy of Sciences, Asian Art Museum League (San Francisco), Pacific Asia Museum (Pasadena), Museum of the Chinese in the Americas (NYC), Chinese Heritage Camp for Families with Chinese adoptees, various Chinese Historical Societies and Cultural Centers, public libraries, college and universities, and retail bookstores throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Popular topics and programs include:

  • Celebrating the Chinese New Year – traditional practices to prepare and observe the most significant Chinese festival of the year. Includes the astrological Chinese calendar, tale of the Kitchen God, and the five facets associated to the New Year - family, friends, flowers, food, and fortune. (January-February timeframe)
  • Gearing up for the Dragon Boat Festival – how the tragic story of poet Qu Yuan evolved into a holiday complete with dragon boat racing and the tradition of making joong – sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves. Includes information surrounding international dragon boat race competitions. (May-June timeframe)
  • Honoring the Mid-Autumn Moon – the significance of the largest, fullest moon of the year to celebrate the harvest and reunite families with seasonal dishes, the sharing of moon cakes, and sending wishes to Chang E, the Moon Goddess.  (August-September timeframe)
  • Demystifying Chinese Milestone Celebrations– customs and practices surrounding the Chinese Wedding including the significance of the dragon and phoenix, bride and groom exchange gifts, bride’s trousseau and cookie day, and the traditional wedding banquet. Continues with the Red Egg and Ginger Party to welcome a new child into a family and community, complete with Auntie Lao (old auntie) dos and don’ts to assure good beginnings.

All presentations are accompanied with PowerPoint visuals or actual props.
For further information regarding availability, speaking fees, and program topics, please contact us regarding your event, location, and anticipated date.