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"Whether readers are Chinese natives, American-born Chinese like me, or non-Chinese, it’s our good luck that Rosemary Gong has written Good Luck Life with careful research, delightful anecdotes, words of wisdom from elders, and gentle humor. I read this book cover to cover, capturing flashes of memories on page after page. At last, the peculiar behavior of my family during celebrations is de-mystified.”

          - Ellen Leong Blonder, co-author, Every Grain of Rice: A Taste of Our Chinese Childhood
                    in America; author, Dim Sum: The Art of Chinese Tea Lunch


"Every one who ever wondered how any old civilization is carried into the everyday existence of one’s life, need only browse through this charming book and exclaim, ‘That reminds me of what my family does.’ And even if you are not Chinese in any way, you will connect in some way that matters.”

- Wayson Choy, author of The Jade Peony, Paper Shadows, and All That Matters


"A treasure chest…and a treasure, Good Luck Life is a compelling collection that’s as fun to read as it is fascinating. You’ll discover:

• Rosemary Gong’s graceful poetry and memories of Chinese-
   American celebrations

• Legends and lore—secrets and significance—facts and
   history—to define each holiday

• Recipes and check lists for creating your own authentic
   Chinese-American occasion

My son and his Chinese-American wife just had a baby. Thanks to Good Luck Life, this Italian-American grandmother is already planning a Red Egg and Ginger Party to welcome her first grandchild! Starting from almost no knowledge about Chinese-American traditions, I was delighted to discover this rich resource; you will be, too!”

          - Paola Gianturco
                    author, Celebrating Women;
                    co-author, In Her Hands: Craftswomen Changing the World


“I’ve made it my responsibility to teach my children about Chinese culture with my wife, who is Caucasian, but who, in fact, speaks better Mandarin than me! Good Luck Life is a great resource (filled with) information we should never lose.”

          - Ming Tsai, Food Network Chef and author of Simply Ming


Good Luck Life paints vivid details of all the shades and colors that make up that shadow which is our Chinese heritage. Enjoy it with your entire family—it’s a wonderful legacy to pass on to future generations.”

          - Martin Yan, Host, Yan Can Cook


“Finally, a useful guidebook that I can refer to for answers on how and why Chinese Americans celebrate certain Chinese holidays (Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival, etc.) and observe special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and funerals. Good Luck Life provides useful nuggets of information on Chinese American celebrations and customs replete with choice quotes, intriguing legends, and homemade recipes.”

          - Judy Yung, Professor of American Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz, and author of
                    Unbound Feet: A Social History of Chinese Women in San Francisco